By Eryka Villarreal
Mentor: Jennifer Stayton

Forbes puts Austin at the top of its list of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities.  The live music scene, trendy restaurants and healthy job market have contributed to the growing population. But one community is actually on the decline.  African Americans represent only 8% of the capital city’s population and it’s decreasing. In East Austin, black residents are being pushed out by rising home prices and new construction and are moving outside of the city. Beulah Bradshaw has lived in her home for more than five decades and sees her neighborhood changing quickly. Will she follow the well-worn path of African Americans moving to Austin’s northern suburbs?   Listen to her story.

Behind the Story: My Next Generation Radio experience

NPR’S Next Generation Radio project is by far one of the greatest experiences i’ve had of working in a newsroom. Walking in to KUT’s newsroom on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin I had so many mixed emotions. I was excited, ready to work, and ready to learn. I also felt slightly intimidated because I actually had a professional mentor and I had no idea what to expect. From scheduling interviews, to editing audio, to meeting deadlines, and to making sure I eat, it was quite a ride! I know time-management was something I needed and wanted to work on but in a matter of a week, I didn’t think i was going to make it!

Story ideas were pitched and confirmed before we met, and I came prepared with potential sources and interviews for my story but guess what? I decided to change my story idea. We started from scratch again and created a great piece.

As we know, that happens all the time. Jennifer Stayton and I did a great job as a team and I enjoyed my time here at KUT. It was an honor working with the Next Generation Radio Project. I’m happy to say that i’ve gotten better with managing my time and thinking of various angles to take when it comes to limited sources and time.

Opportunities like these have helped my development in and out of the newsroom. I learned new techniques with audio software and interviewing. I definitely recommend anyone in the journalism field to expand their knowledge here with Next Generation Radio!